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Have you received a troubling email regarding your business? Or maybe you feel something is missing from your service? Shrug off all the worries because we at Hamilton and Henderson are here to open a new world of business opportunities for you!

It’s time to release some burden. Trust us and have your seller account reinstated within 24 hours!

We are here to help you reinstate your retailer account by providing professional Appeal services. The confidence in the company is because of the years of experience in this field. For your assurance, we have successfully helped out more than hundreds of troubled Amazon and other eCommerce sellers.

The team understands your need for better business results, and that’s why we have our experts to deeply analyze your seller account and critically go through your circumstances, delivering the best solutions for your eCommerce business!

What can Hamilton and Henderson do for you?

Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is a person you hire to perform various services for your business. They can assist you in the administrative field, creating content, managing social platforms, research, and many more. Our Virtual assistant services will help you get your work done as well as save your money and time!

Amazon PPC

The Amazon PPC ad is one type of bidding system in which some amount has been paid to pay per click, but later it boosts your reach exponentially, and your page becomes available at the top rank. Have a global reach, quick optimization services, and lots and lots of traffic. Increase your visibility and be ahead of your competitors with our Amazon PPC services

Amazon storefront design

We can create a shopping site for you with soft multimedia tools, the latest templates, satisfactory structure, an easy-to-navigate format, and, most importantly, simple and aesthetic images, graphics, and layout. With our Amazon storefront designing services, you can give your page the signature style that it deserves.

Enhanced Intelligent Brand Content

Having a profile with a not-so-attractive look won’t help you make it far. It is demanding to have intelligent brand content that understands your customers and provides essential information to satisfy them. Increase conversion rates and enhance your readership with our services.

Product photography

And do not forget that in the end, your product is your brand. So, having a professional photograph of your product increases your reach, and there are high chances for the customer to buy the product based on excellent photography. Reach us and Have a classy photograph of your product!

We also provide Amazon Mentorship Program

Exclusive A+ content

We have curated an amazing and efficient course to help you enhance your sale by upto 10%

Secure Account Audit

Hire our expert to have a complete analysis of your account and know the highs and lows of your business.


Learn the skill to boost your visibility and easily take care of your sales.

Register your brand

Give us a call and build your brand on Amazon! This can offer you multi-page stores, high brand analytics, brand security, etc.

High conversion rate

Learn how to choose specific keywords that will ultimately generate a high conversion rate for your brand.

Ebay Account Audit

We are here to ease the burden of your Ebay responsibilities. Reach us and have a report of your account performance.

We are here to pave your path through the struggles to success!

At Hamilton and Henderson, we prioritize our customers and provide long-lasting services. We have knowledge of the requirements for all kinds of domain policies and how to outperform your brand on any e-commercial platform. We guarantee a complete refund if we fail to reinstate your account. Reach out to us and have world-class experience solving any problem bothering your seller’s account.

Our Amazon Suspension Appeal Services prices